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Herrmann's organic herbs for cats

Herrmann's organic herbs for cats

Herrmann's organic herbs for cats

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Herrmann's organic herbs for cats
dietary supplement of handpicked herbs
organic node seaweed (brown algae)
organic coconut
organic malt yeast
organic chlorella (green algae)
organic catnip
organic horseradish tree
organic barley grass
organic chamomile
organic rose hip
organic pineapple
The icing on the cake for the creative mix is this organic herbal mixture with handpicked herbs and seeds for cats. It supports a healthy diet or basic care.
Its main purpose is to provide your dog with a diet rich in nutrients such as also heat-sensitive enzymes and vitamins to complete. It is also suitable for situations that require more nutrients, which can not always be compensated by increasing the amount of food.
Also for our menus, it is a useful extension if you want to play it safe in terms of nutrients. Especially if you are restricted for health reasons in the selection and thus can feed only one-sided.
The nutrient mixture for cats is based on organic herbs and is lovingly made by hand. It contains nutrients that are important for basic care of our cats and that they do well. Other pluses are that they can reduce, for example, plaque / tartar and provide good body odor. Also good for the skin and fur, can be a support of the stomach and intestines or for digestion and it can also strengthen the immune system. They can be helpers to regulate the acid-base balance in the body. That means they support the metabolism.
And of course, all ingredients come from certified organic farming. We have remained faithful to our philosophy, because these organic herbal mixtures contain no fillers, no artificial flavorings, no preservatives and no animal experiments have been made for them.
The exact description of the ingredients can be found on our homepage!
Feeding recommendation per day:
¼ teaspoon (0,5 g) per 11 lb body weight per day
Depending on their age and stage of life, dogs have a different need or to supplement the menu.
The organic herbs should be simply mixed with the food. It should be shaken before use, then resealed and stored in a dry place, protected from sunlight.
Our Herrmann's Manufaktur convinces with high-quality cat food in certified organic quality from sustainable production in Germany. For our menus, we use only ingredients from controlled organic farming and animal welfare.


crude protein 19,0%
crude fat 18,8%
crude fiber 5,6%
crude ash 10,47%
moisture 8,19%
grain free
gluten free
lactose free
suitable for allergy sufferers
suitable for all ages