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Horse with sweetpotatoand courgette

Horse with sweetpotatoand courgette
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* Traces not excluded
What's in it?  50% horse with digestible and nutrient-rich sweet potato. The menu is a... more
"Horse with sweetpotatoand courgette"

What's in it? 

50% horse with digestible and nutrient-rich sweet potato. The menu is a classic for dogs with allergies or intolerances, low in fat and grain-free. Sweet potato provides carbohydrates and fibre. Horse is often used for exclusion diets. The menu is supplemented with brewer's yeast (for B vitamins), sunflower oil (for vitamin E), algae lime (for calcium), cod liver oil (for vitamins A and D) and knotweed (for iodine). Complete food for dogs

Suitable for whom?

Our menus for sensitive dogs with easily digestible ingredients such as chicken, carrot, rice or goat - naturally with only one animal protein source. These menus are suitable for nutritionally sensitive and also older four-legged friends. The menus for adults or sensitive dogs are suitable as a basic menu for feeding from the 2nd month, when supplemented individually in the special life phases of the first year of life (e.g. growth and change of teeth).

Note for allergy sufferers: This recipe is grain-free, gluten-free and lactose-free. Traces cannot be excluded. 


Whether it's a puppy, an adult or a nutritionally sensitive dog: it's important for a species-appropriate and good dog's life to have a diet that is tailored to the dog's needs. The Selection line has proven itself for many years with a wide range of monoprotein menus, especially suitable for nutritionally sensitive animals.

There is a wide choice of protein sources: meat, poultry, game, fish ... or sweet lupine in the veggie menu. Grain-free, gluten-free, lactose-free - we have declared everything.

Why Herrmann’s Manufaktur?

Herrmann's Manufaktur convinces with a wide, high-quality food range for dogs and cats in certified organic quality and from sustainable production in Germany. For our products, we use selected ingredients from controlled organic production and species-appropriate animal husbandry.

  • From our own production in Germany
  • Suitable for allergy sufferers
  • GMO-free
  • Low CO2 production
  • No factory farming
  • Without animal testing
  • No added sugar or flavour enhancers
  • Without flavourings, attractants, colourings and preservatives
50,00 % Pferd (Muskelfleisch), 18,00 % Zucchini*, 17,75 % Kochsud*, 10,00 % Süßkartoffel*, 1,00... more

50,00 % Pferd (Muskelfleisch), 18,00 % Zucchini*, 17,75 % Kochsud*, 10,00 % Süßkartoffel*, 1,00 % Bierhefe, 1,00 % Flohsamen*, 1,00 % Sonnenblumenöl*, 0,50 % Leinöl*, 0,35 % Eierschalenpulver*, 0,30 % Lebertran, 0,10 % Knotentang* (Ascophyllum nodosum) * aus kontrolliert biologischer Erzeugung, davon Gesamtanteil 48,7 %

Additives per kg - Nutritional additives:
Eisen aus Eisen(II)-sulfat-Monohydrat 11,50 mg, Kupfer aus Kupfer(II)-sulfat-Pentahydrat 1,84 mg, Mangan aus Mangan-(II)-oxyd 1,60 mg, Zink aus Zinksulfat-Monohydrat 25,00 mg, Selen aus Natriumselenit 0,02 mg

Feuchtigkeit: 79,01 % Rohprotein: 10,28 % Rohfett: 4,43 % Rohfaser: 1,39 % Rohasche:... more

Analytical constituents

Moisture: 79,01 % Crude protein: 10,28 % Crude fat: 4,43 % Crude fibre: 1,39 % Crude ash: 1,07 %

Horse with sweetpotatoand courgette
Energie / kcal pro 100g: 97,68 kcal

According to FEDIAF, the energy requirement depends on the growth phase. For adult dogs per day, the minimum is: 95 kcal/kg KM0,75. (metabolic weight).

Determine the energy requirement and the feed requirement of your dog

Specify body weight of your dog in kg

Metabolic weight kgKM0,75
Energy demand
Feed requirement per day
g (guide value)


Your dog should always have fresh water available. Please always feed room-warm and adjust the feeding individually.

Dogs have different energy and nutrient requirements depending on their breed, age, activity and metabolism.

We assure you that we produce pure and transparent products for the optimal care of your pet.

All raw materials carefully selected

We only use the indicated protein source in the indicated proportion.

We obtain the freshly processed meat mainly from certified organic farms, if possible from the region. Fish comes from sustainable fishing, game, sheep, goat and horse from their natural environment.

For our poultry varieties, we use poultry necks as a source of calcium, as well as a portion of carcass (bone) or cartilage, all finely minced.

We also obtain other ingredients such as vegetables, fruit, carbohydrates, herbs and oils mainly from controlled organic cultivation and gladly from regional farms.

Since transparency is of great importance to us, you will find here an extract from our list of suppliers.

Our suppliers

our raw materials

Learn more about our company, raw materials, recipes and philosophy in our blog.

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