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Certified organic manufacturer Natural recipes for your pet

Organic Beef with carrot

Organic Beef with carrot

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Herrmann’s Organic beef with carrot – low purin rice flakes, courgette, apple, linseed oil,... more
"Organic Beef with carrot"

Diese Beschreibung bezieht sich auf die bisherige "Selection". Die Angaben zur NEUEN Selection (März 2022) finden Sie im Reiter "Zusammensetzung".

Herrmann’s Organic beef with carrot – low purin
rice flakes, courgette, apple, linseed oil, rosehip, codliver oil, nettle, eggshell powder

40% organic beef
rice flakes
10% organic carrot
organic courgette
organic apple
organic linseed oil
organic rosehip
organic codliver oil
organic nettle
organic eggshell powder

When choosing the austerity package, you save 5% on the same amount as the end customer.
Note for allergy sufferers: Without gluten, without lactose
The recipe is with a view to a low purin diet for dogs with health problems, e.g. Leishmaniasis.
Feeding recommendation per day from 2nd month: about 2-5 % of body weight*- depending on age and stage of life!

*Depending on their age and stage of life, dogs and cats have a different need for energy and nutrients such as calcium and phosphorus.
Your dog should always have fresh water available.
*Please note: this is a guide. The diet should be adapted tot he needs of each individual animal.
Herrmann's Selection adult provides optimal nutrition for the dog in its prime. High-quality protein sources with a meat content of 50 percent and a varied selection of vegetables and fruits cover the daily nutritional needs of a full-grown dog. All adult menus are without gluten.

Our Herrmann's Manufaktur convinces with high-quality dog food in certified organic quality from sustainable production in Germany. For our menus, we use only ingredients from controlled organic farming and animal welfare.

40,00 % Rind* (Muskelfleisch), 20,80 % Kochsud*, 11,00 % Süßkartoffel*, 10,00 % Karotte*, 9,00 %... more

Werte unserer neuen Selection:

40,00 % Rind* (Muskelfleisch), 20,80 % Kochsud*, 11,00 % Süßkartoffel*, 10,00 % Karotte*, 9,00 % Zucchini*, 5,00 % Apfel*, 1,00 % Leinöl*, 1,00 % Hagebutte* (getr.), 1,00 % Mineralstoffe, 0,50 % Brennnessel* (getrocknet), 0,50 % Flohsamen*, 0,10 % Eierschalenpulver*, 0,05 % Knotentang* (Ascophyllum nodosum), 0,05 % Meersalz * aus kontrolliert biologischer Erzeugung

Nutritional additives:
Vitamin A 2.200 IE, Vitamin D3 180 IE, Kupfer aus Kupfer(II)-sulfat-Pentahydrat 1,60 mg, Mangan aus Mangan-(II)-oxyd 0,90 mg, Zink aus Zinksulfat-Monohydrat 15,00 mg, Selen aus Natriumselenit 0,07 mg

crude protein 7,90% crude ash 1,70% moisture 75,00% crude fiber 2,60% crude... more

Analytical constituents

We assure you that we produce pure and transparent products for the optimal care of your pet.

All raw materials carefully selected

We only use the indicated protein source in the indicated proportion.

We obtain the freshly processed meat mainly from certified organic farms, if possible from the region. Fish comes from sustainable fishing, game, sheep, goat and horse from their natural environment.

For our poultry varieties, we use poultry necks as a source of calcium, as well as a portion of carcass (bone) or cartilage, all finely minced.

We also obtain other ingredients such as vegetables, fruit, carbohydrates, herbs and oils mainly from controlled organic cultivation and gladly from regional farms.

Since transparency is of great importance to us, you will find here an extract from our list of suppliers.

Our suppliers

our raw materials

Learn more about our company, raw materials, recipes and philosophy in our blog.

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