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Arisen from the first ecological controlling authorities in Germany, ABCERT is proving itself as a recognized certification provider, due to their competence, reliability and independence.

More than 14.000 customers, only in Germany, trust and rely on the ABCERT-certifications for ecological farming and also other certificates. With seven locations in Germany and over 100 competent employees spread over the country, they guarantee an efficient, flexible and fast service to their customers.

ABCERT is confirming its knowledge and expertise in other European markets with a branch in Italy and an office in the Czech Republic.

With the successful accreditation to DIN EN ISO /ICEC 17065:2013 ABCERT is documenting its neutrality and objectivity.

This actually pays off. Already now, ABCERT is the leading control body in Germany!

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Biokreis e.V. – organization for ecological farming and healthy dieting

In the organization “Biokreis” 1200 farms, 150 food processors and 200 consumers are working together to consequently and creatively shape ecological farming. Founded 1979 with its headquarters in Passau, “Biokreis” is active in all of Germany. Animal welfare, a resource friendly recycling system, regional cooperation and value add, handcrafted food processing – this is what “Biokreis” stands for. The guidelines the members have given themselves lie above the standards of the EU-Eco-regulation and these are binding to all members. Within these guidelines all farmer have the freedom, which their profession always had. “Biokreis” does not charge any marketing fees.

Its members are supported with individual consultancy and support. They are a democratic organization, hence any member can participate on the general meetings. The organization is presenting itself with effective public relations and the magazine “bioNachrichten” (eco-news). Politically the “Biokreis” is present regionally, in Germany and also internationally to follow through the organic farming. As the founders of “Biokreis” have been pioneers in 1979, just as much new ideas are fundamentally needed nowadays. The organization has developed guidelines and standards for hotels and gastronomy, forestry and pet food. As well as that they have originated the trade mark “regional und fair” and they are leaders in the project “100% Bio-Leder” (eco-leather)

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Biokreis-Zertifizierung Herrmanns

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