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Eco-Quality and Ethics

The highest requirements on organic quality and ethics

Ecological and species-appropriate pet food is the basis for a healthy and vital life of our companion animals. Therefore we have gained the audit and certification along the EG-Eco-guidelines. We are authorized to carry the German “Bio-Siegel” (eco-qualification). Additionally to this, we are a member of the production organisation “Biokreis e.V.”, which is a special group of companies which are committed to fulfilling an especially high eco-standard. Due to this, we are regularly audited and controlled by the independent eco-controlling authority ABCERT.

For our products we exclusively use highest quality organic products without any additives. Our fruit and vegetables are without pesticide and entirely procured from controlled eco farming.

The meat we process is supplied certified organic suppliers, which do not use growth hormone or any other artificial substances. The love and affection we feel for animals should not end at our own pets! Hence we demand from our suppliers that they comply with our ethical requirements and treat their animals in the art of their nature and with respect to their species. Despite the trust we have towards our partners, we regularly control this.

“Human-grade-quality” – is this really a specialty?

From our point of view: NO. We even go one step further: we stand for a holistic concept with 100 % organic quality and we insist on a respectable treatment of animals.

The basic preconditions are:

  • Free-range husbandry respectively regular natural meadow farming
  • No usage of antibiotics and growth hormones or similar substances, a natural stable growth is the prerequisite for a healthy animal.
  • The nourishment has to be 100 % organic and may not be genetically modified or content of any sort.
  • From third intervention with academic medicine, the animal may not be considered “eco” anymore. Any treatment like dehorning or docking may only be processed due to corresponding illnesses.
  • The game is hunted in its natural habitant
  • We process muscle meat, which is not appreciated by humans but loved by our pets. The full usage of carcasses secures that no animal had to be killed for no reason.
  • We act according to high ethical standards to enable our farming animals a happy and healthy life, too.