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Our Suppliers

It is our intention to cater for our four legged friends with healthy, species-appropriate and natural food. To secure this, we consistently reassess our production process as well as the quality and origin of our raw materials. This is the reason, why every supplier has to meet our high ethic and ecological demands. All of our meatless ingredients like fruit and vegetables as well as carbohydrates are entirely sourced from a controlled organic cultivation and they are free of any pesticides or artificial fertilization. Also, the used meat does not have any contact with unnatural substances like antibiotics.

The love and affection we feel for animals should not end at our own pets, but should carry beyond this! Hence we exclusively obtain our meat from certified suppliers, which we audited ourselves before the first procurement. With these controls we convince ourselves of an appropriate keeping and treatment in art of their nature and respect of their species.

We do not want to leave you in the dark on our suppliers. “Transparency” is a high value to us. Hence we hereby introduce our suppliers:


The Agrofood Lebensmittel GmbH is a food wholesale company, founded in 1987. The focus of this controlled and certified eco-company is the agricultural products form ecological cultivation. This includes frozen organic fruit and vegetables as well as organic herbs and mushrooms.

Antersdorfer Mühle

The Antersdorfer Mühle ranks amongst the pioneer companies in the eco food sector. Their assortment holds a wide product line, which includes the full corn cereal, flakes, bran, legumes and seeds. The Anterdorfer Mühle has been certified several times.


The product range of BINCA Seafoods GmbH includes fish and seafood as well as agricultural products. Thereby the company attaches specific importance to highest organic quality as well as sustainability.


Since 1960 the BODE NATURKOST has been recognized for experience and competence in the field of organic food. Natural and controlled organic fruit as well as dry fruit chips are part of their assortment, just as much as nuts and seeds.


The Bühler GmbH is an ecologically processing butchery with highest quality demands. The biologically high standard of their various meat products has been certified several times.


The whole Family Daberger and their farm “Rothbauernhof” has specialised on ecological farming. Their products (organic pork, lamb and potatoes) are subject to their own highest standards in quality.


The Davert GmbH, located in the Münsterland (Oldenburg region), stands for 30 years of experience in organic food. Part of their wide range of products is rice, legumes as well as cereals in best eco quality.


Demeter is a registered trade mark under which biodynamic products are sold, which meet the anthropomorphic principles of this company. This trade mark may only be used by contract partners, who comply with the policies of the Demeter-union during the complete agricultural growing and the subsequent processing.


The Donath-Mühle (mill) in Stockheim, is processing mainly regionally grown biologic respectively biological-dynamic cereal in their traditional handcrafted method. Thereby they attend to their motto “vitality can only come from a living creature”.


Floschenhof is an ecological company, keeping house according to the strict policies of the state-run organization “Naturland” of which it is a member. Their assortment of organic meat include poultry, turkey and pork from Duroc-swine.


Alfred Galke GmbH is a modern, owner-managed family business, which distinguish themselves by their unique selection of products. Galke offers herbs, spices and plant-based materials which by far exceed prevalent offers.


The eco-farm “Grosserhof” in Pfarrkofen (near Landshut) is working according to the standards of the agricultural organization “Biokreis”. The protection of environment and species-appropriate upbringing are their top priority.


The food wholesaler LANDLINIE, based in Hürth (near Cologne) are specialized on products from ecologic farming with their main focus on fruit and vegetables. Their ambitious Philosophy on Bio-products secures the highest quality in all of their merchandise.


The core business of Bio Liebert GbR is meat and dairy products from ecologically raised goats. In their daily work they put special emphasis on constant freshness and high quality.

mb Vermarktung

the mb Vermarktung has specialized purely on the trade with ecologically produced meat, particularly on segments of pork and beef, but also veal and lamb as well as poultry.

Naturkost Übelhör

The Naturkost Übelhör GmbH consider themselves as a fair enterprise, which particularly feel and take care for healthy nourishment and the protection of our eco-system. These values are reflected in their daily production of organic food.