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Our Own Eco-Production

We manufacture our products in our own facilities and hence can guarantee our “manufacturing-promise”. The customer can use a single source for highest quality organic quality or from species-appropriate upbringing, mainly sourced by upper Bavarian eco-farms. Our facility is equipped like a butchery, but of course much bigger. We exclusively produce finest species appropriate canine and feline nourishment. The meat is processed by our experienced master butchers. Fresh Fruit and vegetables are prepared by hand.

The individual recipes are mixed and processed by our kitchen chef, who finishes the touch with fine oils and herbs. After this the cans and pouches are filled, closed and heated with most modern autoclaves. This production process is the only method which enables us to keep the pet food preserved for years. We do not need any additives or preservation chemicals at all. For our dry food, chews and treats we have installed a special drying oven to secure the shelf life.

Drying is one of the methods to keep aliments durable by withdrawing water. It is one of the oldest known conservation methods. The low humidity protects the food from deterioration. The meat is dried with warm air in our own drying ovens. By drying with fairly low temperatures the valuable nutrients are protected. According to our philosophy the meats are left naturally and no artificial additives are needed.

The result is a top quality, first class complete or additional feed with mostly in 100% organic quality of all contents and raw material with the most accurate balance of all nutrients. Our healthy menus will convince your dearest as soon as you open the packet! Herrmann’s means feeding pets with a clear conscience by keeping the animals healthy, and taking part in sustaining our environment.

Of course, we also want to tell you how it got so far.

Close to Nature Pet Food

From the project on animal welfare with many dogs to provide for, we realized the need for pet food to be manufactured in a way that is most close to nature. This is how the idea arose to produce nourishment for animals without additives or condiments which influence the value, digestibility and agreeableness of aliments. Therefore we, the whole family Hermann, took a conscious look at the nutrition demand of a canine. We even took a closer look than we had done before. Then we had the first samples of our food produced in two small butcheries – of course in top eco quality. We have the highest demands in quality, respecting the environment and the nature and species of farm animals. These are our most valued virtue.

It was a pity to realize, that none of the butcheries were able to work without phosphate, citrate and other “magic” substances, which they constantly use for human nourishment. It was impossible to produce pure canned food. “Pure” meaning faultless in quality and microbiologically.

Apart from this, when we first started to test production methods, processes and raw materials, we were met with incomprehension towards our vision to produce organic animal food. “If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself”. This sentence has proven to be correct until today and soon after we were faced with a major decision: Shall we produce ourselves, or put our idea to rest?

No Additives, but Only Highest Quality Eco Resources

Out of necessity, we rented rooms and equipped them with butchery utilities. The goal was – and still is – to manufacture with highest quality eco-materials without artificial additives.

Investments were made in machines and many tools. The machines were second hand. But with creativity, inventive talent and a certain level of tenacity we could realize our initial intension: a close to nature product, manufactured “with our own hand and own spatula”, catered for the consumer with open declaration.

Sites and Facilities

Soon the first rooms were too small and, apart from this, a wish arose, besides manufacturing organic food for cats and dogs: “biology” actually means “the science of all living things”. We wanted to be part of this. “Living” is not only our pets and farm animals, but all our nature, the whole environment in which we produce and the humans which actually are integrated in this production process. Manufacturing processes are mostly energy intensive and can strain the environment dramatically. Hence the new site should be more than a location, where eco-goods are canned.

We managed to build a production facility, where the water for the heating of our autoclave sterilization is provided by our own cistern, which is fed by a newly dug well. Hence we do not waste drinking water.

The warmth, caused by the cooking process is captured and reused, for example to heat our administration offices and warehouse. The water from the sterilization process – which is clean – is used for our toilets and finally ends in our septic tank.

The boxes and cardboard, which accrue when we procure our raw materials, are pressed in-house and forwarded to a sheltered workshop for further processing. The packing material you receive with our products are manufactured from our own waste paper and used in our distribution and dispatch department.