Herrmann’s Quality Now Also Available in Drugstores and Supermarkets!

Herrmann’s Quality Now Also Available in Drugstores and Supermarkets!

We want our customers to be able to buy our high-quality organic feed at any time and according to their wishes. That’s why we have long been represented in specialist shops with competent advice. We also offer you our online shop for shopping around the clock. Coming up – Herrmann’s quality will also be available in selected drugstores and supermarkets.

Try Herrmann’s quality, quickly and without hassle

You and we know: products for special requirements are available from specialist retailers or online. But what if the stock gets low and we have to go shopping for the week without having the time for the specialist retailer? Now, the solution may be to buy high-quality feed from Herrmann’s Manufaktur in the nearest supermarket or drugstore.

We are pleased to be able to offer a selection of our cat food in Müller drugstores, now. In addition, you will soon be able to find a selection of our dog and cat food in some selected Edeka and Marktkauf stores.

Following awaits you:

  • Tried and tested recipes with a high meat content for cats and a balanced mix for dogs: Based on our recipes from the Selection line, these varieties were also developed by our feed expert.
  • Low CO² production according to the highest quality standards in our Bavarian factory: Of course, we also produce these products in our factory, where every employee adheres to the highest quality standards and where we strive to use resources sustainably every day.
  • Suitable for allergy sufferers: Animals with allergies are particularly close to our hearts. Even in these varieties we usually use only 1 protein source.
  • Free of genetic engineering and without animal testing: We are “organic” out of conviction for animal welfare. That is why we reject animal testing on principle. According to the guidelines of the EU Organic Regulation, no ingredients associated with genetic engineering may be used.
  • Suitable for all age groups: Every animal needs good feed, which is why our varieties are generally suitable for all age groups. We also offer puppy food with a higher protein content for young dogs, which is also recommended for old dogs.
  • Without flavourings, attractants and colourings: Our food is also “inhaled” in this way. And we rely on the natural ingredients, even though this means that the colour may vary slightly depending on the batch and the ingredients.
  • Cold filled and prepared at a gentle temperature: We work with cold filling, which means that our feed is filled at 4°C for hygienic reasons. Then we warm up the sealed cans and bags in our autoclaves, so that the feed is preserved for many months.
  • Balanced, uncomplicated feeding: We have enriched all of our new varieties with vitamins and minerals so that you can feed your animals as needed without the need for detailed expert advice. This makes feeding uncomplicated. Those who prefer to do without additives can choose the Selection and Classic lines as before.

Look and find!

The new varieties look different; they have a new design, so that they stand out from our previous varieties of the specialised trade. You’ll notice right away that we’ve put the beautiful white-blue sky of our Bavarian home in the limelight, along with dogs and cats that are already licking their mouths in anticipation of the tasty treats in the bowl.

The new varieties will only be available in the retail stores. The Selection and Classic lines as well as Snacks will continue to be reserved for the specialised retailers with the relevant advisory competence for the individual needs of pets. And of course, everything is available in our Online-Shop.

The new varieties are available on the shelves in following sizes:

Dog:    150 g in a bag, 400 g and 800 g in a tin

Cat:     100 g in a bag, 200 g in a tin

Keep your eyes open!