Our manufactory

… is a family-run and certified organic company with the highest standards of quality and ethics. We are one of the first manufacturers of organic and species-appropriate dog and cat food in Germany with our own production in handcrafted production – a real manufactory!

On the following pages we would like to introduce ourselves to you and give you an insight into our own production, the raw materials we use, our product range and our consulting and distribution channels.

Located in Assling near Munich, our CO2-neutral production facility is located in the idyllic Bavarian Oberland. Founded in 2006 out of inner conviction – we produce high quality pet food every day with a lot of love to provide all four-legged friends with natural and species-appropriate nutrition.

You can order our products here in our online shop directly from the producer, or you can purchase them from our trade partners in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain and many other partner countries.

We are very pleased to welcome you to the clientele of Herrmann`s Manufaktur and wish you much pleasure on our pages!

Erich Herrmann
and the team of the Herrmann`s Manufacture!

Recognized organic pet food company

The production bears the seal of the producer association “Biokreis” as a recognized organic animal food company. We obtain our meat from certified organic suppliers and farms in the region, which keep their animals in a species-appropriate and respectful manner. The other raw materials are also supplied by renowned manufacturers in the organic sector.

Avoidance of artificial additives in our feed

Herrmann’s organic dog and cat food consists exclusively of natural ingredients. We completely renounce artificial additives

Our products are based on nutritionally balanced and tasty recipes. We produce single-variety and transparent products.

So a healthy, kind-fair and affectionate nutrition of the quadrupeds succeeds

The Company

Herrmann’s Manufaktur was founded in 2006 by Karin (†) and Erich Herrmann. The aim was to provide pets and farm animals with a healthy, species-appropriate and happy animal life. To this day, this is what drives us in our daily work. More about it

What began with hand bottling is now a company with 45 permanent employees, 92 products and a sustainable production facility of 2,000 square meters. An extension building is under construction.

Our guideline

The respectful treatment of people, animals and the environment is the ethical guideline for our actions at Herrmann’s Manufaktur. We reject animal testing, factory farming and the use of synthetic additives and flavours.

The Team

A familiar working atmosphere, flat hierarchies and high employee satisfaction characterise the team at Herrmann’s Manufaktur. Secure jobs and the integration of people with disabilities and refugees are part of our holistic corporate culture. Of 45 permanent employees, 35 work in the Bavarian production facility. Each of our employees can bring his or her dog.

The products

Four organic dog menus were the beginning of our success story. Since 2007 we have also been producing organic cat food.

The range now consists of three lines with 92 products: The Classic-Line offers popular classic recipes, Selection takes into account the life phases and nutritional needs of an animal and the Creative-Mix is suitable for individual feeding. Chewing articles, biscuits and dry food complete our range.

Our feed is characterized by the high quality of the (organic) ingredients, gentle processing and complete absence of additives. The dog and cat food contains only one animal protein source each. The products enable feeding appropriate to the species. Especially for nutritionally sensitive animals they offer an option for optimal nutrition.

Try our dog or cat food for your darling once!