COVID-19 measures

COVID-19 measures


We obtain our raw materials and trading goods from Germany. In this way we support domestic companies in securing jobs and maintaining the economy.


Employees who belong to the risk group due to pre-existing illnesses and/or age have been released from work. The same applies to employees who have just returned from risk areas.


Office staff have the possibility to work alternately from home by internal agreement. This facilitates the regulation of distances within the office. Meetings with customers are still possible digitally.


Goods in stock are distributed in various halls on our premises. The personnel assigned there have received appropriate instructions to stay exclusively in their working area and to make necessary arrangements with other teams by telephone.


For the protection of our employees and external truck drivers, goods are received without contact and at the minimum distance that must be maintained. There are strict access restrictions to the otherwise highly frequented logistics office.


Our sales team is active, makes fixed appointments with customers and visits those customers who want to.
Otherwise, our employees act from the home office in order to ensure reliable support.