Gentle production

Gentle production

It’s like cooking at home with us. We think up varied recipes, pay attention to high-quality ingredients without questionable additives, preferably in organic quality and process them as gently as possible.

Our Manufacture Promise

We produce carefully with a lot of manual work. Our production is set up like a butcher’s shop, only slightly larger. The meat is prepared by our master butcher, the fresh fruit and vegetables are prepared. Then our chef mixes the respective recipes, supplemented with fine oils and herbs and the mass is finely minced.

Careful production in cold filling

We produce using the so-called cold filling method: the minced meat mass is filled into tins and bags at a temperature of approx. 4°C to prevent bacterial growth during the filling process. The products are then sealed and gently heated in steam. This type of production process alone, and completely without preservatives, makes it possible to preserve the food for a very long time.

The liquid in the tin is valuable meat juice that escapes when heated, just like at home in the pan when roasting meat.

chews: naturally dried

Für Trockenfutter, Kausnacks und Leckerli haben wir mittlerweile einen eigenen Trocknungsofen in Betrieb genommen.

Drying is a method of preserving food by removing water and is one of the oldest preservation methods. The low moisture content, for example, protects against food spoilage. Drying in the oven using low-temperature hot air preserves the nutrients. According to our philosophy, the meat is natural and without additives.

The result is high-quality, natural and balanced premium food for a species-appropriate diet for dogs and cats.

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