Transparency & Responsibility

Transparency & Responsibility

We are convinced of what we do. And in order to convince you too, we openly and honestly explain the principles that have guided us from the beginning to the present day.

We have no secrets!

We think in big contexts: from the cattle in the pasture to the nutritionally sensitive dog on the couch. Or from the resource-saving production process in the factory to global ecology.

Natural and high-quality raw materials

Good products are the most important thing in cooking. That is also the case with us! We also pay attention to organic ingredients without pesticides, without antibiotics and from the wild.

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Suppliers from the region

From the very beginning, it was the most natural thing for us to approach suppliers in the region and treat them fairly. Today we can rely on long-standing and trusting relationships.

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Sustainability is and important

Since our production processes require a lot of water and electricity, we knew from the very beginning that we would have to come up with something. And now we are low in CO2 and save 2 million litres of water per year! And we do even more.

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Commitment to animal welfare

As our company originated from animal welfare and the species-appropriate feeding of care dogs, the commitment to animal welfare is still important today.

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Our manufacture is excellent

We are very pleased that we have already won several awards due to the enthusiasm of our customers.

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