Transparency & Responsibility

We manufacture our products in our own factory and can therefore also fulfil our “manufacture promise”. Everything from our own hands, mostly in the highest organic quality or from species-appropriate husbandry, mainly from Upper Bavaria. Our production is set up like a butcher’s shop, only slightly larger. We produce only the finest, species-appropriate dog and cat food. The meat is prepared by our master butcher and the fresh fruit and vegetables are prepared. The respective recipes are further mixed by our chef and coordinated with fine oils and herbs. Then the tins or stand-up pouches are filled, sealed and heated with the most modern autoclaves. This type of production process alone enables us to preserve the food for several years. We therefore do not need any additives or aids of any kind. In the meantime, we have also put a drying oven into operation especially for dried food, chews and treats.

Of course we would also like to tell you how it came about.

Drying is a method of preserving food by removing water. It is one of the oldest preservation methods. The low moisture content protects food from spoiling, for example. The meat is dried by means of hot air in the in-house drying oven. Drying at low temperature preserves nutrients. According to our philosophy, the meat is natural and without additives.

The result is the highest quality complete feed or supplementary food, mostly with 100% organic quality of all raw materials with the highest possible balance of all nutrients. Our healthy menus will not only convince your darling immediately upon opening the packaging! Herrmanns = feeding with a clear conscience and a sustainable contribution to the health of animals and the environment.

Natural pet food

From an animal protection project with many dogs to be cared for, the idea and also the need arose to produce animal food as close to nature as possible – without additives and contents that influence the value, digestibility or tolerance of the food produced by the dog. So we, the Herrmann family, took a closer look at the nutritional needs of the dogs and had the first samples of pet food produced in organic quality in two small butcher’s shops. Highest demands in quality and at the same time respectful treatment of the farm animals should be our top priority. Unfortunately, none of the butcher’s shops was able to produce microbiologically and qualitatively pure and flawless canned food without the phosphates and citrates used in human food and other proposed “magical agents”. Moreover, during our first attempts to find manufacturers and raw materials, we met with little understanding of our vision of organic pet food of the highest quality “If you don’t do everything yourself…” this sentence should prove true until today and the question quickly arose: self-bottling or not pursuing the idea any further?

No additives and only the highest quality organic raw materials

Born out of necessity, rooms were rented and a butcher’s shop was set up, whose aim was and still is: to do without additives and to process only the highest quality organic raw materials.

Investments were made in machinery and numerous devices. The machines were all second-hand, but through our own creative implementation of technical ideas, we were able to achieve what was intended from the very beginning: a natural product that is brought to the consumer with “your own hand on the cooking spoon” and open declaration.

Organic pet food for dogs and cats

Soon the old rooms were too small and in addition to the desire to produce biological pet food for dogs and cats, a further objective grew: “Biology” translated means “the science of living” – we wanted to make a sustainable contribution to this. Not only pets and farm animals are alive, but also the environment in which production takes place and the people who are integrated into the production process. Production processes are usually energy-intensive and can also have a considerable impact on the environment. Therefore, the new location should be more than a place where organic goods are bottled.

The result is a production facility that draws the water for heating the sterilization autoclaves from the in-house cistern, which in turn is fed from a newly dug well. In this way no water is wasted. The waste heat generated during the cooking process is fed into the system and heats the offices of the administration and shipping departments. The unpolluted water from the sterilization process is used for toilet flushing and ends up in the company’s own septic tank. The cardboard boxes, which result from the procurement of raw materials, are pressed in-house and then made available to a workshop for the disabled for further processing. In return, the packaging materials made from in-house waste paper are reused in the dispatch department at Herrmann`s and accompany our products to your home.