Commitment to animal welfare

Commitment to animal welfare

Animal protection is our heart topic and has many facets

Our company originated from the idea of animal protection. It started with foster dogs, which were in a bad condition, so that the Herrmann family cooked for this natural food themselves.

Since one could watch how the emergency skins blossomed with proper nutrition, the idea was born to offer natural food without additives to other animals and animal owners.

(C) Einsame Pfoten Zadar e. V.

Love of animals must not end with your own animal

For us, animal welfare, love of animals and animal protection are closely interwoven and therefore it was clear to us: The farm animal should also have a good life. So from the beginning: Organic, not only for meat, but also for the other ingredients such as vegetables, rice etc.

We even go one step further and have committed ourselves to the stricter guidelines of Biokreis e. V. A blog article explains what this means in detail.

(C) Abtei Frauenwörth, Frauenchiemsee

Furthermore, emergency skins are a matter of the heart

So we are happy to make others happy with our food and donate to some selected animal welfare associations. These are often associations with which an employee has personal contact to ensure that the donations arrive.

Among others are selected associations:

Einsame Pfoten Zadar e. V.: An animal protection project in Croatia, which lovingly cares for homeless dogs in a large shelter with many volunteers and also mediates in forever baskets.

Pfotenhilfe Handicap und Straßentiere e. V.: The association focuses on supporting handicapped animals (e.g. paralysis of the hind legs due to an accident) at home and abroad, which would have no chance without help due to their handicap. In addition, the placement of these animals is also a task.

Augsburger Notfellchen e.V.: Here Christa Haberl is committed to farm cats in the Rehling area. This means that she catches the cats with the consent of the farmers, feeds them, gives them medical care and also castrates them. Then the wild cats are taken to foster homes or are placed by Christa Haberl herself after preliminary checks. She also sets up several feeding stations to care for wild cats. However, the goal is always to socialize cats and to find them a good home with experienced cat owners. The association is very small, donations of money and food and also offers for care or finishing places are always welcome. By the way, Christa Haberl has already proven her love for animals in 2017 in “Bauer sucht Frau”.

Futterhilfe Münster e. V.: An animal board that supports pet owners in difficult situations with food and donations in kind in order to prevent the animals from being taken to the shelter.

Abtei Frauenwörth, Frauenchiemsee: Here the abbesses take care of cats that have become homeless on Fraueninsel in Lake Chiemsee, or cats that find a new home in the convent are added again and again. Online portal of the care center Gabi Obermeier of Tierhilfe Aschheim, which uses itself honorary with much Enagement and selfinitiative for the well-being of race cats like also house cats. The race cats come from breed resolutions, breed reductions or are delivery animals of private, the house cats come from farms or from private.

We inform about all donation projects with these and other animal protection associations on our Facebook-Page.

Unser Tierfutter ohne Tierversuche

Our animal feed without animal testing

Animal welfare can also consist in “not doing”. So of course no animal experiments are carried out for our feed. The numerous pets of our employees are gladly chosen as test eaters. Since our food consists only of natural ingredients, without synthetic additives, it can be considered as home-cooked and we get along very well without animal testing. So we are also on the corresponding PETA-list as pet food producer without animal testing

Auch Bruderhähne dürfen leben

Brother cocks may also live

For some time we have been supporting the “Bruderhahn Initiative”: Male chicks are not killed, but raised with their “sister hens”. Since the meat of the brother cocks is not very tasty for humans, they can be used for animal feed, for example; but at higher prices due to the lower meat content. But it is worth it to us and we are working here excellently with farms in Germany and Austria in order to push this topic further.

Animal protection, animal welfare and love of animals are the topics of our heart.