Sustainable production

Sustainable production

Sustainability has many facets. Conservation of resources is one of them. For us, sustainable thinking also means ecological thinking.

Ecology and sustainability belong together

Our production processes are energy-intensive and can strain natural resources. Therefore, the site in Aßling should be a sustainable place for comprehensive ecological thinking. The same applies to our new location in Glonn!

A low CO2 production site

We wanted to do it right, not piecemeal. This is how a production facility was created in Aßling, which takes the water for heating the sterilisation autoclaves from the in-house cistern, which in turn is fed from a newly dug well. In this way no water for consumption was wasted. The waste heat from the cooking process heated the offices of the administration and shipping department.

We save 2 million litres of water

In Glonn too, the unpolluted water from the sterilisation process is used for toilet flushing and ends up in the company’s own septic tank. In this way, we save 2 million litres of water per year, which is roughly equivalent to the annual water consumption of all our employees combined.

The cardboard boxes, which result from the procurement of raw materials, are pressed in-house and then made available to a workshop for the disabled for further processing. In return, the packaging materials made from in-house waste paper are reused in the shipping department at Herrmann’s and accompany our products to your home.

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