Our suppliers

Our suppliers

We want to offer all four-legged friends a healthy, species-appropriate and natural food. In order to be able to guarantee this, we attach great importance to careful production and the origin of the raw materials used. Therefore every supplier must meet our high ethical and ecological standards.

All our meat-free ingredients such as fruit, vegetables and carbohydrates are from controlled organic cultivation and are free of pesticides and other artificial fertilizers. The meat we use must also be free from contact with unnatural substances such as antibiotics. For this reason, we only buy our meat from suppliers that we have previously checked ourselves. In the course of this, we make sure that the animals are kept in a species-appropriate manner and treated with respect.

Since the topic of transparency is of great importance, we present here a selection of our long-standing suppliers.


AGRO FOOD Lebensmittel GmbH is a food wholesaler which has been operating in the Landkreis München since 1987. The certified organic company focuses on agricultural products from organic farming. These include frozen organic fruit and vegetables as well as organic frozen herbs and mushrooms.

Allgäuer Ölmühle e. K.

With an eye to ecology and sustainability, this Bavarian manufactory produces fine organic oils from organic oilseeds. From the press cake (= what is left after pressing the seeds) high-quality organic flours are produced. In this way all the raw materials are recycled.

BODE Naturkost

BODE NATURKOST is a leading importer and trader of organic raw materials from all over the world – since 1960. We import, produce, refine and distribute natural and controlled organic food of the highest quality: nut kernels, dried fruits, seeds, legumes as well as cereals and many more. Organic is our passion and the basis of sustainability, which we constantly develop and maintain in all areas of our company.


With 35 years of organic natural tasting experience, Davert from the Münsterland region stands for controlled organic cultivation, transparency, careful control and guarantees organic products – from cultivation to packaging. The range includes rice, pulses and cereal products of the best organic quality.


Demeter is a protected trademark under which biodynamically produced products are sold according to anthroposophical principles. It may only be used by contract partners who adhere to the Demeter standards throughout the entire cultivation and processing procedure.

Eiermacher GmbH

Eiermacher GmbH from Kremsmünster / Austria, are a modern, innovative company in the poultry industry, with a focus on organic production. As animal welfare is a major concern, since 2014 male organic chicks are reared with the poultry and no longer killed directly. Thus the company was a pioneer not only in Austria but also in Europe for this topic.


The Floschenhof in Allgäu is a traditional ecological Naturland farm, which operates according to strict state guidelines. The main focus is on organic turkeys, which are fed only grass and organically produced ready-to-eat fodder and are allowed to roam around day and night. In addition, the suckler cows are kept in a species-appropriate manner.

Götzfried Bio-Geflügel und Naturkost

An exemplary family business for organic poultry in the Allgäu, which has been operating according to Naturland standards since 2001. The chickens are kept in spacious, daylight-lit stables with a covered run on sawdust or straw meal in a manner appropriate to their species and can be moved to the green meadow at any time, which the animals are happy to accept.


The organic farm in Pfarrkofen near Landshut is dedicated to the best possible animal husbandry. For this reason, the careful family business works according to the guidelines of the Biokreis cultivation association. This means: species-appropriate husbandry with open-air run, open spaces, space for scratching etc., feed from controlled organic cultivation, gentle slaughter on the farm and the preservation of ecological cycles.

mb Vermarktung

mb-Vermarktung acts with respect, responsibility and sustainability. It sees organic farming as a contemporary way of maintaining the fertility of the earth and treating animals with respect. Only organic meat from beef, veal and lamb as well as poultry from selected, careful suppliers and from species-appropriate, respectful animal husbandry is taken over.

Naturkost Übelhör

Since 1987 Naturkost Übelhör GmbH in the Allgäu region of Germany has seen itself as a fair company that is particularly concerned with healthy nutrition and the protection of the ecosystem. The company sells reliable ecological products whose producers are committed to the environment. Only raw materials which are not sufficiently available in the region are imported. Because home is an obligation.

Worlée NaturProdukte GmbH

For over 165 years, Worlée has been supplying its customers with organic, sustainably produced and fair trade products from all over the world. The portfolio includes herbs, spices, vegetables or fruit as well as dried raw materials for pet food. Careful use of resources and sustainable crop rotation are important components of the cooperation in the producing countries.


Founded in 2005, the growing company always has the right herb for every animal and is breaking new ground with new, species-appropriate recipes. ZWERGNASE organic herbs are guaranteed to be of food quality, free of fillers, flavourings and chemical additives, hand-picked, gently dried and come from Landau/Pfalz in Germany.